• Nov. 29, 2016

    I’ve been absorbed into muscle workout for recent months. Since I’m being 40 years old in this Dec., it’s time for me to train myself for health; I have noticed that I’m likely to get tired after work and can’t recover from it even though I sleep enough.

    Training implies that you are forced to do exercise; on the other hand, workout is a proactive act to anneal yourself. That is, what I do is definitely a workout.

  • Cooking

    My new residence has a wider kitchen than former’s one. It’s very convenient! Since I bought minimum seasons for my cooking, I’ll cook for myself at home harder than ever!

  • Today's My Short Trip

    As the beginning, I went to Asakura to see Asahi Beer Hall, also known as “poo building”, which was designed by Philippe Starck.

    Walking through Kaminari-Mon and Nakamise.

    I had Soba at 並木藪側, but I couldn’t enjoy it well…

    Then I had beer and もつ煮込み at ホッピー通り.

    かっぱ set by the 合羽橋 street.

    Ueno area:

    In Akihabara:

    Delicious cake at 茶亭 羽當:

  • My Father Died

    Today, my father passed away; he was 57 years old.

    I was called from my mother last night, saying that my father came down with burst of vessel near by his heart and he was taken to the hospital with his heart almost stopping. Doctor had been doing some life lengthening thing so that my family could come in time from Kyoto and Osaka, and see his passing away. Shortly after we arrived at the hospital, he died.

    My father had been kind of a nuisance from my childhood to recent days. He had too good and fair mind toward his things to live with people around well, in a coordinated way, and not to be able to ignore unjustness; due to that sensitiveness, my family suffered from many many troubles through his living years.

    Honestly saying, I hoped his early death many times in my youth. Now, he actually died, I can’t help think of his living days. He had lived in Kyoto by January this year and backed to his hometown recent days. It was as if he came back there to find his place to die. He must not to feel painful so much till he actually died. I think it was lucky for him.

    I feel regretful I left him by himself alone. It was actually inevitable, though. Nevertheless, I think I could do something for him. What I can do now is just to relieve my mother and help her to be happier than ever. I won’t spare my effort for that.

  • 2012-02-29 (Wed) – 2012-03-02 (Fri): Dev Camp at Minami-Sanriku

    This time, our company held a dev camp at Minami-Sanriku, one of the places which was devastatingly damaged by The Great Earthquake of Eastern Japan and its following big wave last year. At first, we went into the town to see how it was now and found definitely astonishing; I had thought I knew the apocalyptic situation there via TV and the Net, but It was far beyond my preconceived idea. When I saw a building which is 10 meters or so high was destructed up until its top, I realized the true power of that Tsunami.

    We had a few days stay at Hotel Kanyo, which offered us various nice things; neat rooms, delicious foods, open-air bath, and so on. We all built some teams and started developing new Web services. I joined a team comprising id:sawaccio, id:tanemu, and id:Swatz, and created kind of a strange profile service. Then, yeah, we won the second prize at the voting. It was the first time I won it! Though I got really exhausted, I think we could spend sort of precious time there. Many thanks to them.

  • 2012-02-21 (Tue) – Lean Startupを読んでいるという話

    Lean Starupを、暇をみて読んでいるので、その途中経過の話。fbに書いたのを転載。

    The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

    The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

    今日は、放課後にiOS Programming勉強会をして、その後、数人で食事しつつあれこれおしゃべり。iOS開発まわりの話や、開発手法、Lean Startupの話など。Lean Startupの話は、僕が先行して読んでいる感じなので、面白いと思った話を口頭でざっくばらんに説明を行った。


    読書会みたいなのをしてもいいけど、まあ基本的には読み物なので、がっつりやるというよりはエッセンス、というか、フレームワークを知れればいい話だと思うので、全部読んだら「5分でわかるLean Startup」みたいなスライドを作って、共有できたらいいなと思っているところである。



    ただ、エンジニアリングにおけるデザインパタンと同じで、マネジメントやサービス開発においても、Lean Startupでもなんでもいいんだけど、共通言語をみなが持っている方が話が早いし、そこから外れるにせよ沿うにせよ、筋の通った議論ができるだろうという話。